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Dave Claussen

CIMG1992_2I was born in western Colorado and spent my early years exploring the land with my family. Our weekend camping trips took us on back road adventures that instilled in me a sense of being a part of nature and the humanity with which it intertwines.

Living in the mountains and canyon country I feel I discovered my self and my place in the order of life. I have come to know something inexpressibly grand that has continued to develop and direct my life.

Today I still play and work with an appreciation for form and movement in all aspects of life. I love the opportunity and challenge of creating an art piece. Taking plain sheets of metal and using all my faculties to create something that comes alive and seems to move with a life of its own. It’s tremendously satisfying to be able to give someone the finished piece and they say, “this is just what I wanted”!

I have a fascination for the natural objects that often go unnoticed yet when enlarged reveal the intricate beauty of unique form and patterns.  The huge pine cones and horses in movement have been like puzzles to work through. From start to finish we move along a unique path that in the end helps me to appreciate that there are no copies, only one of each kind.

For me working with metal is like improvising a piece of music on the piano.  It can change form so easily. I love the way metal can start out looking just hard and cold and then be transformed into something that is warm and appealing.

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